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Our prices are up to 60% lower than the most popular brand

Memory Foam Products – Sleigh Beds

Our new range is designed to be modern, sleek and simple. All of our mattresses come with a plush jacquard velour cover with a non slip back and is removable for ease of washing.

Features of our memory foam mattresses:
:: Memory foam mattresses can reduce tossing & turning
:: Memory foam mattresses are recommended by physicians worldwide
:: Back pain can be relieved by using memory foam mattresses
:: Memory foam reacts to your bodies temperature and shape
:: Relieves pressure by spreading the weight of your body more evenly
:: After use, memory foam mattresses will always recover their original shape
:: Memory foam mattresses are dustproof, antibacterial, anti-dust mite & fire resistant
:: Our mattresses come with a 10 year guarantee (pro rata)