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Apart from the useful information when it comes to memory foam mattresses, Simply Sleep Mattresses has this tips to share with you.

You always know you’ve had an epic sleep if you wake up in basically the same position you’ve gone to sleep in, and your bed remains still practically made. That is when you know you were really tired and slept super well.
And then you’ve got those other sleeps, that you repeatedly wake up with the duvet (and potentially) you on the floor and you’re in body pain, and you know you may as well quit while you’re ahead, but at the same time its still only 4:00 am and you need sleep, and you have to be at work all day the next day and the thought stresses you out and then you really can’t get back to sleep.

Well according to experts, its because you’re trying to sleep in one of five of the completely wrong positions. “Fatigue, sleep apnea, headaches, heartburn, and muscle soreness are just some of the complications arising from a poor night’s sleep” says Dr. Steven Park, author of Sleep, Interrupted.

To avoid this, apparently sleeping on your back is the only way and you need to really avoid these 5.

#1 Fetal

fetal-sleep-positionEverybody’s favourite – its only natural, but it’s one of the worst. Not only can it do your neck and back in, but it can also restrict breathing and airflow.

#2 Right side with arms stretched out

Right side with arms stretched out

This goes out to all you spooners out there. If you are a guy this will save a lot of hair in your face, if you’re a girl, very sorry but its unhealthy. If you’re pregnant, it can prevent and even stop blood flow to the foetus, and for everyone else it can cause heartburn, shoulder, arm, and back pain.

#3 On Your Front

Sleeping on belly

Regardless of its health negatives, if you sleep like this you’re weird. And its pretty obvious it could give you neck and back pain. But aside from that, how are you breathing?

#4 Start Fish

Star fish
For all you  bed hoggers out there like myself, avoid this to prevent earache from your other half if you have one. If you are single and like making the most of this by utilizing all bed space; don’t. It will give you neck and back pain.

#5 Left side with arms stretched out

Left side with arms stretched out
Again spooners, it is dangerous. It can add pressure to your lungs, put a strain on your other internal organs.

Give sleeping on your back a go tonight, thank me tomorrow when you pounce out of bed before your alarm goes off (best feeling ever), and if you have to go out and buy some ear plugs. I’m not kidding you when I say I’ve never slept better.


If you still have difficulty having a good nights sleep , take a look at this page to learn more about mattresses.

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