Mattress Buying Guide

Probably out of curiosity, have you ever wondered how you can get a deep and restful sleep? If Yes, Try memory foam. This will give clear and doubtless answers to you question.

Memory foam mattresses are ideal for all people of all ages and types. In fact, memory foam mattresses are better than traditional spring mattresses. Not only are they comfortable, they provide specific health benefits for some people.
They adjust to the body and spreads body weight evenly which is more conducive for sleeping.  There is need to do a minute research and carefully select your memory foam mattress to be able to get  your money’s specified value.

Here is a steer on how top pick a memory foam mattress.
•    Check the memory foam denseness:
There is variation in memory foam density . This is measured in pounds, which implies that  the greater the numbers, the greater the denseness. For instance, a 4-pound density indicates that each cubic foot of that memory foam weighs 4 pounds but a safe choice would range from 3 to 6 pounds. Choose a 5- or 6-pound density mattress and your bed becomes softer.

A lower density mattress won’t last longer compared to a higher density mattress. However, don’t be amazed if a memory foam mattress will typically weigh more than a spring mattress of the same size.

•    Decide whether to use a single or double-person mattress
If you have a bed partner, one person’s movements usually don’t affect the other person which makes memory foam mattresses more fantastic. They don’t take a hop like spring mattresses but absorbs movement. They curb multiple foam layers, each with different density, thus , the memory mattress can respond to movement and body shape. A two – three  memory foam mattress is of excellence; but for those who sleeps on sideways, a three-four memory foam mattress is just great.

This less dense memory foam will be well in line with your natural shape because it  will grant your hips and shoulders to sink deeper.  Those who lay on their backs to sleep will certainly be interested in a tauten  memory foam of  4.5- to 6-pounds density.

You will get tauten that will make you be at ease and allow your body to get  a more even support for all areas.
If your present mattress is still quite firm and in a  good condition, try a memory foam mattress topper, they come in a variety of thicknesses and densities. Meanwhile,  if your mattress sags, the memory foam mattress pad won’t be very efficient.

The support that you get from the memory foam can probably be assuaged by the supporter, but buying a new memory foam mattress should still be the best solution.
[info]Fit the right mattress to the right bed. A king-sized bed is ideal for someone who is at least 6ft[/info], so it is only reasonable to get the right mattress that can allow for both persons to lie down on the bed with hands behind their heads, without touching their elbows.
You know you already have the right mattress for you when you lie down and you can slide a hand beneath the central form of your back. If the hand fits almost effortlessly, it might be too soft; if not, it could be firm enough for you. You may also add what is called a sprung divan to make the mattress seem softer than a regular divan or the standard average slatted base.

•    Talk to a chiropractor or doctor

In order to know if a memory foam mattress is right for you,  it is advisable to converse with a doctor. Your body might not adapt well to a memory foam mattress, so it’s a waste of dollars on your pocket when you don’t ask  or enquire from your doctors.

Talking to a doctor might give you an idea on what brand should you trust in choosing for the right memory foam mattress. It also helps to know whether a doctor is in conjunction with a mattress company in the interest of bias and non partisanship.

Another  vital  issue you need to note before making a deal to purchase the memory foam mattress is that memory foam can quite cause a bit of heat on your body. However, in some recent surveys, 8% of the memory foam mattress owners report sleeping hot, while 15% report the bed being warm, but the majority has it cleared that a memory foam mattress cause no heat problems significant enough not to make the foam unusable.

You should only buy a memory foam mattress after trying it out from the original source. Observe how the foam rebounds to know if it’s comfortable enough for you.

•    Do not mind the slight smell in a mattress
The smell goes away after a period of time. It is vital to know that you are not the only one going through a slight smell issue with the memory foam mattress. The off gassing period smell of the foam usually ends after a number of days.
There are also many specific factors that results in this smell, which includes: the type of the foam, the sensitivity of a person to certain chemical smell, and the room ventilation.  Consider these factors if the smell doesn’t go away after a few days.

You should also take note of a mattress’ box spring beneath,if not found, then the mattress might have a bed elevator added to its height.

•    Conclusion

Memory foam mattresses are better than any other mattress type in owner satisfaction for three main reasons. First they tend to provide above-average comfort and pain relief and secondly they have motion isolation, making them couple-friendly.
Thirdly, their lifespan has better life span than a regular one. It is probably a good idea to go directly to the stores that you trust and try for yourself the right memory foam mattress that suits you.

How Latex and Memory Foam Mattresses Are Made
There are a couple of reasons why you might be interested to read what I have in this section of my website. Firstly, you have a natural curiosity about how the products you buy are made, and considering the fact that you will be spending up to one third of your life on a mattress. I guess you that calls or your curiosity, therefore, you can’t be blamed  for wanting to know.

The second reason might be because you are concerned on how eco-friendly a mattress is, and again, no blame for that likewise. After all, we are constantly told how we should treat our planet better and the dangers that certain materials can pose to our health.

Regardless of the reason I thought it would we, it’s a good idea  to inform you on how latex and foam mattresses are made.
if you are familiar with latex , you are probably thinking this is the most natural substance a mattress can be made from, of course, you are right, since the raw material is drawn directly from the rubber tree.

However, if you are erring on the side of a latex mattress,  be careful of the actual amount it contains because manufacturers use three different forms: 100% natural, whereby 85% is natural and 15% is synthetic ;and finally, 20% natural and 80% synthetic. Of course, the more natural a latex mattress is , the more costly it will be.

In respect to memory foam mattresses, the materials used are synthetic. This is one of the reasons why I come across so many complaints about the “outgas” odor  that many of them give off when they are brand new. Whilst this can be a little worrying, if you are careful to look for the CertiPUR-US certificate, this will guarantee that your mattress is gentle on the environment and isn’t bad for your health.
If you desire  to find out about the whole process, why not have a little glance at the short video I have included below?

Sleep Tips
According to the National Sleep Foundation, there was an urge of  a 7hours minimum sleep every night s Even with that, many Americans find themselves feeling sleep divested due to busy work and family schedules, stress and simply not putting enough importance on their quality of sleep. These simple sleep tips from Serta and the National Sleep Foundation can help you get on the right track to better sleep, so you can have the energy needed to get the most from your busy days.

Six Sleep Tips

#1. Set a sleep schedule and stick to it.

It is a norm to go through an adjustment period after switching to a new mattress, especially if you had been sleeping on your last mattress for a long time. You should allow up to a week for your body to adapt to a new level of comfort and support.

#2. Establish a relaxing bedtime routine.
Sacrifices  such as a warm bath, a cup of hot tea or gentle yoga can help relax the body and mind ignored to sleep faster.

#3. Commit in a comfy, standard mattress that will give you enough support and room for sleep.
if your present mattress is uncomfortable or you haven’t purchased a new mattress in years back, and probably  you are thinking it’s time to step up to a better quality mattress that meets the needs and unique comfort of you and your sleeping  partner, check out Serta’s Mattress Selector to find out which Serta mattress may be right for you.
Make your bedroom a sanctuary from the day stress by keeping out  work and other distractions.

#4. It is important to shut down electronics and relax your mind as you wind down for sleep. Keep your bedroom cool, dark and quiet.

#5. Creating a perfect bedroom environment can help promote better sleep by helping you to fall asleep quickly  and stay asleep longer. Check out Serta’s Sleep Tips video for more helpful advice.
Get up from  bed if you are not sleepy and lie down  when you are sleepy as well.

#6. If you are not feeling sleepy immediately, don’t stress yourself out.  Just step away and try to lay hands on  something to relax your mind; such as reading a book or listening to soft music until your feel ready to go to sleep.
Exercise daily.

We all love to take a good siesta, but napping for too long in the day can make it hard to fall asleep at night. By establishing good bedtime habits, you are more likely to get good sleep every night so you won’t have to nap often.
Get exposure to morning sun and 30 minutes of sunlight daily.

Not only does exposure to daylight help to improve your mood, it helps your body adjust to a full daily routine, including your sleep routine at night.
Dim your lights in the evening to tell your body that it is time for sleep.

Four Mattress Care Tips

#1. It is a norm to go through an adjustment period after switching to a new mattress, especially if you had been sleeping on your last mattress for a long time. You should allow up to a week for your body to adapt to a new level of comfort and support.

#2. Foams and fibers are liable to wear over time. To reduce normal wear, you can rotate your mattress as needed.

#3. Purchase a matching box spring (also referred to as a foundation) or a matching adjustable foundation to ensure proper support and lastingness. Learn about our Serta’s Adjustable Foundations.

#4. Support your mattress with a solid bed boder. To abide with Serta’s mattress warranty, king and queen-sized beds require a metal bed frame (or base) with rigid center support. Check out our Serta Stable Base Bed Frame, always carry it upright. Never bend your mattress.

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