Learn about mmm registration and tips to register successfully

How to log into personal office
In order to access your personal office, you need to go to
www.mmmoffice.ac or mmmoffice.com.

Also you can click on nigeria-mmm.net login button in at the top right
hand corner of mmm nigeria official website.

www.mmmoffice.com registration
How to login to personal office 2 website
1. You will be redirected to a page as shown on screenshot
2. Enter Captcha number from picture
3. Click on “login” button

mmm nigeria Registration
How to login to personal office 1 website
1. A login to system page will apppear
2. You can choosue your language from the dropdown list
3. Enter your email or mobile number
4. Enter password you created upon registration
5. Click on “logi” button

You are logged in to your personal office

mmm registration

If you haven’t registred on your own, but asked your Guider oe online consultant to do that
then log in procedue is different. In this case.

Open email message from MMM that was sent to your email address after your mmm registration.
If you can not find it in your inbox, please check your spam folder. The email message looks like this
extraxt on from the official mmm registration website.

Follow a password recovery link
You should see a page which contains the email and recovery code sent automatically to you at the time of registration.

If you do not see such page, please close the window and follow the recovery link sent to your email during mmm registration.

Endeavour to create a stron password by adding symbols, numbers and Capital letters. Your password must be at least 8 characters in length.

Retyp your passowrd and click on change password buttom. Once done enter your email and password you just created and click on the login button.

mmm registartion is so easy and its only takes less that 15 minutes to complete.

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