Signature Sleep Memory Foam Mattress Review

In my quest to find an awesome memory foam mattress to review, I came across the signature sleep memory foam mattress which I find really good for people suffering for frequent back ache. Dear friend I was in that same situation at some point in my life and I must tell you, it was really challenging. In the end a simply change of mattress changed everything forever.
This brand of foam (signature sleep memory foam) comes in different models namely 12 inches, 8 inches and lastly 6 inches model. In an effort to provide you value added information I will talk about each of them one after the other.
First off …I will start with the 12 inches signature sleep memory foam. When it comes to comfort, this brand of mattress is very reliable. It is built in such a way that it molds according to your body structure when you lay on it.

Recall that the signature sleep memory foam mattress is idea for people who suffer from shoulder and back ache. The producers of the brand of foam did well by ensuring that it is of high standard and also made it quite firm in nature which is by far an innovative way of solving any back or shoulder related alignment.

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Although people who gain a lot of weight may find it uncomfortable due to the fact that it is not thick, which makes it not suitable to withstand the weight. Alternatively if you fall under this category who may as well consider picking the model with an ideal depth.

Good to Know
The manufacturers of the signature foam mattress package the foam in an air tight carrier in order to reduce the amount with would cost to ship such item. It is recommended that the mattress should to left to expand for one day after removal from the vacuum packed carrier. This will give room for the mattress to expand to its actual size.

Also this brand does not include any cooling foam inside, which is responsible for adjusting to the body of the individual lying on it and its surrounding environment. Also note that at night the room temperature drops so personally I see no need to worry about the heat it generates. Alternatively you can invest in mattress sheets which also server the same purpose.

And secondly the 8 Inches model
This model is has similar features as the 12 inches, the only difference is that it is suitable for people who weigh less. In practically I recommend the 8 inch signature sleep memory foam to the kid’s room or preferably the visitor’s room. Due to its depth is usually does not take too long to regain its original structure the moment is it unpacked.

Lastly the 6 Inch Model

It relieves pressure points on your hips and shoulders while you rest on it. The mattress comes rolled up in a nice bag with an arm strap, in about a 5 foot long cylinder. It actually depends on individual, you may or may not notice any smell once you open. It is quite harder which I recommend for people suffering from severe back and neck issues. Once you get used to this mattress you not find it quick uneasy sleeping on the regular spring mattress.

I see many individuals who have spent quite a lot of money on a memory foam mattress, and even more than that in some circumstances. What you read here will not cost you too much and you are sure to have value for your money. To find out more check this link right here now to see for yourself and here for the 8 inch mattress.

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