LUCID Triple-Layer Memory Mattress Review

Amazingly I have done all the entire hard work for you. You will amazed at how easy you could make a decision on how much to invest when it comes to selecting the best memory foam of your choice. Saving you a lot of money in the long run.

And for that reason I decide to put in extra effort to ensure you make the right decision. You will also agree with me that you don’t have to empty your bank account in a bid a have a comfortable night rest, in order to find the right mattress. This is the reason why I decide to build this site to take that burden off your shoulders.
Again if you are concerned about the heat generated from the use of this mattress, then you have come to the right place as I have broken down everything just for you, making it very easy to comprehend what it entails.

A Beginner’s Guide to how it is made.
The process of making a Triple layer mattress is simple and straight to the point. It consist of three layers of foam, the first which consists of two inches of gel memory foam which is placed at the top for coziness, then the second layer consists of two inches of foam at the middle and lastly an 8 inches of high density foam at the bottom to support heavy body weight.

Some people are so concerned about the heat it generates. View it on!

Don’t be fooled as this will crafted to suite different climate, more so the gel foam is made up 4lbs in density and the comfort foam layer is 3lbs which in itself provide adequate comfort for anyone concerned about weight distribution.

Manufacturer of the gel mattress designed this mattress in such a way that it easily adjust to the body mass of anyone lying on it which is the reason why it tends to soften as soon as there is pressure on it. Personally I am not too concerned with that aspect, especially when I return from a hard day at work. What more could I possibly ask for than simply diving straight to my lovely mattress to catch a quick nap.
It also uses a substance called “open cell” memory foam which aids increased air movement as well as avoiding those annoying dents many individuals suffer from with this type of mattress.
Certain individuals might find this memory foam mattress a little too soft due to the nature (it is soft).
Also note that the LUCID mattress does come packed in a protective cover, so what the producers of it came up with was manufacturing it from a mix of polyester and cotton which is well known for it anti bacteria resistance. This in turn will prevent any germs from developing inside the mattress and you us it. I believe this is a very smart development on the part of the manufacturers.

The best part, even after un-parking the mattress you will perceive a mild odor, which usually accompanies the package. This odor is not harmful in any way so be rest assured that you are covered by the Cert-PUR who has certified that the odor is not in any way harmful to you.

Wrapping Up

I am sure by now you have come to a conclusion on what this mattress entails. Like I pointed out earlier, you don’t have to empty your bank account to have a good night sleep as this mattress come at a pocket friendly price. Click here to find out more on Amazon

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