LUCID 10 Inch CertiPUR Foam Mattress Review

I am not going to beat about the bush when it comes to reviewing the various models of memory foam mattress on this site, reason being that in the past I once faced similar challenges as you when I had to make that choice of picking an ideal mattress to match my needs.
First of all let be begin by reviewing the LUCID 10 inches memory foam mattress. I know you might be curious as to how much this mattress is but no to worry as it does not cost too much which makes affordable to an average income earner. I really do not blame some people who get so frustrated with their old mattresses at night so much that they can wait till morning to order for the LUCID 10 inches memory foam mattress. I will tell you why in the following points below namely

Texture and Density

This mattress is made up of high quality foam at the top which is around 7 ½ inches in density and also another foam which at the base which is 2 ½ inches at the base which gives it that unique depth of 10 inches.

One of the things I like about this model of mattress is that it suitable for individuals who complain about mild body pain quite often. Incidentally

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this mattress is designed to ease that body pain within a reasonable period of time. On the other hand for individuals who find it difficult to sleep at night due to severe back pain, I highly recommend that you consult your physician that ascertain If the pain could be remedy by the use of a LUCID memory foam mattress.
Depending on your body structure there is a tendency that the firmness of this mattress will differ as our body structure is different from one another, which is responsible for varied user experience the moment they lie on it.
Also as I pointed out above, individuals who weigh more then to notice that the mattress is quite hard when they lie on it when compared to someone who weigh less.
Alternatively I do recommend the 12 inches LUCID mattress for individuals who weigh more and by so doing who do not have to worry about the mattress losing its density over a prolong period of time.
Another thing I like about this brand of mattress is that the manufactures designed it in such a way that when two persons sleep on bed, the movement of the other individual does not in any way distract the other, when compared to your regular mattress.


The mattress comes in a vacuum packed carrier which makes it very portable and easy to move from one point to the other. As you unpack this memory foam mattress from it carrier, you may likely perceive a distinctive smell which is not in any way harmful to your health. These mattress have been certified CertiPUR-US to ensure it meets the required standard and also ensure that components used in producing the mattress is not toxic to human health. Don’t forget to allow for about 24 hours to allow the mattress expand to its normal state before you lie on it.

Wrapping Up

Buyers of this brand of mattress are offered a variety of options to choose from namely; Olympic Queen, Queen and King, Full XL, Full and Twin sizes. It also comes with an amazing 25 years warranty (awesome deal).
It is idea for slight shoulder pain and which tends to disappear over a short period of time as you use it.

Lucid 10″ Memory Foam Dual-Layered Mattress, Queen

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