Red Nomad Luxury Foam Mattress Review

This brand of mattress is made out of the finest quality foam and is certified by CertiPUR-US.
The Red Nomad Luxury has received a lot of positive feedback from people I know with back pain who through the use of this mattress have been able to reduce the body pain to a large extent.
It can be really time consuming when it comes to buying your own memory foam mattress, especially when you are shopping online. And so for that reason I will be sharing everything I know about it.

What to Expect
red-nomad-10inchThe mattress comes shrink wrapped and very tightly rolled (it’s amazing how they do that). The firmness of this mattress makes it unique in way that you will feel very comfortable when you lie on it. Also allow for about 24 hours to give room for proportion expansion to its standard size. I need to point out that the mattress put off a strong chemical smell (although not harmful) when you first removed it from the storage.
Whilst the big names have a lot to offer, I think it’s only fair that some of the lesser known manufacturers should get a mention for the hard work they’ve put into bringing mattresses to the market that help with various back and neck pains without the need for you to take out financing!
One of the mattresses I think deserves a mention is the Red Nomad 10″ Luxury Memory Foam Mattress and in the following few words, I think

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you’ll agree that this one really could be the answer to replacing your current coil mattress.

Things to Expect
It comes 10 inches thick and is 7 inches dense which provides you that unique comfort when you lie it. The manufacturers produce the foam high quality cotton that is washable and help you maintain a healthy hygiene. Also is has a foam bottom made our of polyurethane that is well creating enough room for air flow thereby reducing heat on top of that the it has a memory foam sheet that is 3 inch and 2.5lb in weight.
The mattress is shipped in a hypoallergenic enclosure which does not give room for bugs to penetrate. I usually recommend you allow for about six to seven hours allowing the mattress expand to it actual size. Also you would notice a chemical odor in the process, this is not in any way harmful to your health because very few complaints have been received from customers who use them.


People with body pain mostly at the waist and shoulder would find the Red Nomad memory foam mattress very useful as a matter of fact it was manufactured specifically for people with this peculiar type of alignment. Granted this mattress has received a lot of recommendations from people who has purchased and used it to put an end to those sleepless nights, it is also advisable to visit a chiropractor to check your body pain in order for ascertain if this brand is ideal for you.

When it comes to comfort it supports all sleeping posture, it does not matter whether you sleep on your stomach or on your back you really have nothing to be worried about. Ideally is all depends on your preference as it not too firm to provide you with that support of people who weigh a little more.

It is also worthy to note that if you weigh more, using a slat base may not be ideal to place the memory foam mattress on as the mattress will protrude through the base of the platform where you placed the mattress on so keep that in mind.
Amazingly you may find it quite strange when you first lie on the this mattress especially when you are used to the string mattress, reason being that your body will begin to receive support in areas never felt before as you sleep on it.

Worthy to Know

In terms of chemical used in the production of this memory foam mattress it is CertiPUR-US certified which signifies that it is has been evaluated for chemical emissions when used which in turn a control in maintaining high quality standards.

User experience over time shows that most brands of memory foam mattress gets hot, not to worry as this one is a lot different since it is made from bamboo cotton material in the production giving it that unique sensation

Wrapping It Up

Spring mattress can be really frustrating especially when you have shoulder or waist pain as the case maybe, however investing in a memory foam mattress is worth trying out if you want to take action. Check this link right here now to find out more on Amazon to see what other happy customers are saying.

Additional Information
Red Nomad Luxury Foam Mattress

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