Dynasty Mattress New Cool Breeze Review

I take pleasure in researching quality information about memory foam mattresses. Dynasty Mattress cool breeze is just another quality mattress which I recently discovered which I would be reviewing on my site and putting an end to the usual complain I see concerning the heat this brand of mattress produces at night when you sleep on it at night.

This brand of Mattress comes in 12 inches and like all other brands of memory foam mattress has different layers. The top layer of the mattress is made up of 2 inches of cool air flow while the foam at the bottom is made up of 5 inches of high density base foam which provides adequate support while you lie on it and lastly a topper gel foam which has 3 inch layer.

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This well-crafted mattress uses a technology that provides adequate air flow which ensures that your body temperature adapt over a short period of time as you sleep on it which in turn does no make you feel uncomfortable. For a reasonable amount you get to enjoy a mattress which combines a 4 layer foam (best deal)

This mattress is rolled and comes in a vacuum tight carrier, I would suggest that you give it some time to expand the moment you remove it from the carrier in order to allow it reach its maximum size say about 3 days, this part is very important in order to get value for money spent. Also it weighs around 80lbs upon arrival. Due to the enormous size of the mattress it is advisable to prepare a place ahead of time where the mattress would be place, this in turn would save you plenty of time in moving the mattress all by yourself.

Also in order to solve the chemical smell when you first unpack it, I usually suggest that you make sure the room is well ventilated to provide enough air to make the smell go away within a short period of time. Although I have not seen a lot of complaints in recent times regarding the chemical smell it produces.

DynastyMattress places this model under the medium firm, so if you are used to the regular mattress, then it would take a little while to get used to the memory foam mattress, no to worry though as it is just for a short while before your body adapts to the memory foam mattress.

This mattress has received lots of recommendations from users which makes it difficult for people to return to their old mattress after trying this out. Also it does not come with a box spring although you could opt to buy the wooden box foundation, but that depends largely on your preference. Amazingly this mattress can also be used with an adjustable frame.


The Dynastymattress comes in various sizes namely: Full, Queen, Twin, King, California King, and Full XL, Twin XL, Short Queen and RV Short King.
Each size of mattress comes with two free gel filled pillows making use of the same mattress features. It is CertiPUR-US certified and also has comes with a fire barrier fabric for added protection.
For easy cleaning the mattress is manufactured with a washable cover which allows users to easily remove it and wash immediately it becomes dirty, giving it that fresh and pleasant look at all times. You also have a 20year warranty cover with I believe is a very good deal for anyone seeking to derive maximum value.

Check out what customers are saying on Amazon if you want to make a purchase for yourself.

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DynastyMattress New Cool Breeze 12-Inch GEL Memory Foam Mattress

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