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I welcome you to my website where I write about different brands of cheap memory foam mattress and mattress reviews uk. Jessica is my name, it could be quite challenging to find a cheap memory foam mattress brand to choose. If you are new to memory foam mattress, then you have come to the right place.

Many sleep specialists and experts approve that the body needs approximately 8 hours of sleep for it to recuperate properly to handle the next day. Due to unstable work hours or having a baby to look after makes it is quite difficult to sleep the recommended time. Thus, making it crucial to get sufficient amount of time to sleep.
I don’t want to bore you, because you may not have the time to go through my entire site and so I have carefully selected some cheap memory foam mattress for you. Click on the image below to read more about them…

With that being said, I take pleasure in writing about cheap mattresses and I believe that when it comes to owing one for yourself you don’t have to take-out  a second credit to buy one. So, in the next pages you won’t just find reviews on what I believe are some of the cheap brands of cheap memory foam mattress in the marketplace right now, but also detailed pages with information which you would find extremely useful. As a matter of fact, I like to think of my website as a place where you can find relevant information to meet your needs.

My Top Picks For Cheap Memory Foam Mattress

1.  Cheap Sleep Innovations SureTemp Foam Mattress

2.  Cheap Ultimate Dreams 13 Inch Gel Mattress

3.  Cheap LUCID 10 Inch CertiPUR Foam Mattress

4.  Cheap DynastyMattress Therapeutic Deluxe

5.  Cheap Sleep Master 6-Inch Therapeutic Mattress

6.  Cheap Visco Elastic Bed Topper


I have also included a comparison table of cheap memory foam mattress, to show you  various models of cheap memory foam mattress I reviewed on my website. This table consists of relevant  information you need to decide on which model that meet your needs.


Memory Foam – Guidelines:

This mattress comes very tightly packed. The mattresses need to be unpacked within 72 hours of receiving it. The mattress comes tightly sealed in a plastic package and may contain trapped odors, allow the product to air for few hours. The product should return to its original shape within 48 hours of unpacking. The dimensions of the product may slightly vary due to the nature of machine-cutting manufacturing processes.

 Making of a Cheap Memory Foam Mattress

The memory foam mattress is a comfortable and quality product since it uses a unique procedure that is extremely useful. Polyurethane foam which has been used since 1950’s is the base material used to manufacture the mattress.

Polyurethane mix and halocarbons are mixed in water to mold the foam. To make the perfect foam for the mattress, a polyol is added to the mixture. Just as the bread rises, similarly when the foam is poured it rises to the surface. The foam has a distinct cell structure that helps it to form and mold around your body.


Based on the density of the foam used for construction and size of the mattress that you have purchased, the mass will vary. For a twin size mattress, the average weight of the memory foam mattress is between 40-60 pounds. The double mattress weighs between 130-180 pounds, but could weigh higher or lower depending upon the core density of the mattress.

Firmness and Thickness- Pros and Cons

Zeroing on the thickness and firmness that you need could be tricky as memory foam mattresses will have base foam which helps to supply the support. On top of this foam, lies a layer of memory foam which is the part that is measured by customers. As a result, the dimension that you choose will not match the size that you see when you buy the mattress.

Several fundamentals go into the construction of the mattress. You would need to consider how dense you want the mattress and the thickness of the foam. The thickness of the memory foam mattress has no impact on the firmness of the mattress.

Do they cause Heat?

It can get hot to sleep on based on the nature of the mattress. During summer months, people may find it uncomfortable. The foam mattress retains the body heat that you produced when you are asleep. As a result, during summer, you will feel that your body and the mattress both hot.

How to decrease the heat?

Gel memory foam mattresses are the perfect solution to the problem as they do not retain body heat and can be used to cool you down. Manufacturers are looking continuously at solutions to find methods to increase the know-how behind memory foam.

Does it smell, if so why?

With a newly bought unpacked mattress, you may notice a distinct aroma, and this is perfectly normal due to a process called off-gassing. This aroma should not last too long. The odor can be a little irritant, and the new owner will not notice it after some time. Other people who come into proximity of the mattress might smell the distinct odor.

The spring mattress can be used instantly after buying without any wait because they “spring” to their original right away.

Replacing your bed covers and washing your sheets regularly can eliminate the excess odor and help you to speed up the process. There are products available in the shop that can help absorb the odor from the memory foam.

Must remember: Benefits of a Memory Foam Mattress

10-Inch Memory Foam MattressSelecting a new mattress can be daunting. The salesman demonstrates all the features and lets you go through all the mattresses, bounce on them, laying on them and sit on the edge. After going through all them, you would surely have forgotten what the first mattress felt like

Then, there is the decision on the size: King, Queen, Full and Long. There are also different base materials that the mattresses are made of from coils to water mattresses and foam. Foam mattresses are the most comfortable out of all the mattresses types that are available, help supporting all parts of the body. They are also guaranteed to last longer than other mattresses without deteriorating or sagging.

#1. To release the enormous G-force during rocket launch travel and entry back into earth’s atmosphere, NASA developed memory foam for space travelers. They developed a high-density, breathable material that was delicate to body heat and pressure. It had an ability to share body weight over the whole foam top. This feature is vital for catering to all different body sizes. The memory form will adjust to whatever weight or body size is on top of it, leaving no part uncomfortable or sagging. As a result, it is extremely recommended for a guest bedroom where different body sizes would be using the bed. In situations where space is an issue, a twin memory foam mattress will provide as much comfort to a guest as a king or queen bed that he/she is used to. The memory foam truly fits the person sleeping on it, regardless of the body size and sleeping position: side, back or stomach. The mattress has a feature that enables it to be warm in the colder months, yet remain relatively cooler on a hot night. It is so comfortable that a restful and rejuvenating night’s sleep is inevitable.

#2. If you are getting the memory foam mattress for yourself, you will be thrilled especially if you just want to simply sleep on it. It is so dense when you are already sleeping on the bed, and then your partner goes to bed later, the mattress keeps its shape. The other typical scenario of getting up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night will not disturb the other person’s sleep. One common issue that many people face is with dust mites. This is one of the reasons to consider a cheap memory foam mattresses. Most mattresses are crowded with the microscopic mites after a very short time of use. These horrible small creatures cannot be avoided when using a regular mattress. No matter how often you change the sheets, or clean, the bugs will survive. This will not be the case with Memory foam mattresses, which have a natural resistance to dust mites and are hypo-allergenic. If someone in your family is allergic to dust or feather products, this could be a clinching point.

#3. Making the decision to purchase a memory foam mattress is a good decision based on the price of most mattresses. They are available in a variety of depths ranging from 2″ toppers to 10″ mattresses. Depending on your budget, there is a size of mattress available. These mattresses are recommended by chiropractors for back pain relief. You can be assured that what works for astronauts can work you too.

#4. In short, it suits well to your body, absolutely good for people with allergies, avoids and lessen the risk of bed bugs or dust mites and is price-less for back-related problems.

What are its Drawbacks?

#1. Being truthful, it is far more expensive than the regular brands and depending on the usage, it can sag after a few years. If body pains are an issue, especially shoulder or back, then investing in this will go a long way in easing the pain.

#2. It has distinctive odor

#3. For some people, firmness can be an issue because it molds to your body while you sleep on it.

A success story- must believe!

Ask yourself if you have ever thought of a getting a deep and restful sleep? You should try memory foam. Memory foam mattresses are ideal for people of all ages and body types. They are way better than traditional spring mattresses. They provide health benefits to some people and are very comfortable for all users.
They wrap around the body of the person sleeping helping in distributing his/her body weight more evenly. This helps in providing more conducive sleep environment. If you research well and pick up the right foam mattress thoughtfully then the money you spend is worth. This writing will help you in choosing the right memory foam mattress.

Density is the matter of Concern:

Amazing Mattress. Excellent back ache Relief.Memory foam products are measured in density, and it varies from product to product. The higher the number is, the greater the density. For example is the density is 5 pound it means each cubic foot of that memory foam weighs 5 pounds. It is always recommended to buy a mattress whose density varies between 3 to 6 pounds.

For a softer bed prefer a mattress with a density between 5 or 6 pounds. The higher density mattress last longer when compared to the lower density mattress. Also, for the same size mattress, the weight of the memory foam mattress is more than that of a spring mattress.

Which is right for you, Single or Double Mattress?

In memory foam mattress you will not get disturbed by your bed partner activities which are one of the wonderful perks of this. These foam mattresses take in the movements and doesn’t bounce like a spring mattress. The memory foam mattress responds to the movement and body shape due to their manufacturing ability which has multiple layers of foam with varying density.

A three or four-pound soft memory mattress will be very comfortable for a person who sleeps on their side but for others, a two or three-layer mattress would be okay.

Thinner memory foam mattress will adapt well to your shape as it allows your hips and shoulders to sink deeper. However, for back sleepers firmer memory foam of 4.5 to 6-pound density is recommended. Such firm mattress will help you to be comfortable by giving proper support to all areas of your body. Double-check whether you need just mattress or a new memory foam mattress
Although purchasing a new memory foam mattress is the perfect solution for the best support it can be relieved by the topper too.
A memory foam mattress topper would do well if your current mattress is still firm and in a good condition. Large collections of toppers are available depending on the thickness and density. However, these are effective only if the mattress is not slump.

Right mattress to the bed feels great:

A right sized mattress is the first thing that should matter to you, and it need to be selected in such a way that the two persons can comfortably lie down on the bed, and when the arms are stretched, the elbows should not be touching the cot.

You should also take care of the consistency of the mattress. The right consistency should be in such a way that it should not be too soft, or it should be too hard. A firm consistency is good for your back and spine, and it needs to be selected in such a way.

A sprung divan can be added to the mattress so that it makes the mattress little softer. A Chiropractor can guide you or suggest you rightly about the softness of the mattress whether it can be added or not. Ask him about the quality of Memory foam mattress if that is the right fit for you.

It is always suggested to buy the Memory foam mattress after consulting the doctor or chiropractor, as it is a waste of money if you buy it and if it doesn’t fit you rightly.

Choosing a right doctor who is not biased to a mattress company is also important. So, consider this point before you opt for a doctor to ask the right suggestion. A right doctor can suggest you what brand of Memory foam mattress is the right fit for you.

You should also consider this point, that few mattresses can cause heat for your body, and memory foam mattress is not an exception. It is not like it causes heat retention on every individual, but considering the point is crucial.

A survey has been conducted about the heat retention that is caused by memory foam mattress on various individuals. It is noted that in 8% of people it causes heat, and warmness in 15% of the people while no heat problems occurred in a significant number of persons.

The point that can be disturbing as well is the gassing smell caused by the mattress. Many people experience the similar effect caused by many memory foam mattress, and don’t worry about it, as the smell goes away after some time.

The persistent smell can be due to many factors like the type of foam, the room ventilation, and the sensitivity of the person(s) to the particular type of chemicals. It is advised to investigate if any of the above issues are the cause if the smell does not go away after a few days.

Make sure you see a mattress box spring below it, if it is not seen, then it is understood that bed elevator is added to increase its height.

Great mattress with reasonable price.The procedure to Steam Clean a Mattress

A lot of flooded reviews about the mattresses in the market give good notes about their products. We see a lot of good promises, guarantees and warranties about them. However, very few instructions about the long term care surprise us. Now, for the long term durability of the mattress, we need to clean it regularly and adequately.

Cleaning mattresses is important for various reasons. It might be for removing the stains, which is the common reason for us to clean, but it actually helps us to be healthy and safe by removing bacteria, bed bugs, dust mites, allergens, etc.

Though various methods of cleaning exist, the most efficient and easiest method is Steam clean. This method is superior because it involves deep cleaning of the mattress and it is one of the eco-friendly methods of cleaning. This method uses a steam cleaner, which is easily available in the market and it is not costly as such. The steam cleaner can help you not only in cleaning the mattress, but also cleaning other dusted environments at home.

Though cleaning is very helpful and keep you safe and healthy, keep the mattresses clean without stains, you have to remember to check the user manual before you start the process of cleaning. As the outer and inner material of each mattress is different, ensure that you scroll through the manual before you begin the cleaning process.

Next is dying and drying time. Some steam cleaners come with the drying equipment within it, but these are little costly affair than the ones without drying material, so consider 2 to 6 hours of drying time before you start the process.

Before we conclude, take care to vacuum the mattress effectively before you steam clean. The dust and debris inside it should be removed for effective cleaning. When you are about to begin, fill the steam cleaner with water and heat it! For detailed instructions, please look at the video below, you will find the live demonstration that can help you.

Difference Between Memory Foam and Spring Mattress:

Fitness mattressHere you go; I am letting you in on a fact that not many people are aware of. The main reason that the spring or coil mattresses are still manufactured is due to their cost. They are affordable to make and also to buy. The technology used inside a spring mattress has not changed much in many years, say the last ten years. The level of support would be the same for the mattress bought 10 years ago to the one that you might buy next week.

Actually I am not trying to convey you which is good and which is not. My idea is to make sure you understand both the sides of it, and I hope this writing will help you in deciding the right choice between the spring mattress and the memory foam mattress.

Come on; let us know some of the pros and cons that we can look forward to both types. I will try not to show inclination, however, let me begin the discussion with memory foam mattress.

Cheap Foam Mattress:


There are plenty of cheap choices available for memory foam mattress due to the opulence of technology available to the manufacturer. The levels of a firm to soft are very precise in foam mattress when compared to that of a coil mattress. Also, the foam mattress can have different support layers
[info]The foam mattress will give the natural support to your back, neck and shoulder thus helping you to relax and avoid any pains. Hence, it is good to start with the foam mattress before you feel discomfort.[/info]
The foam mattress is designed such a way that it supports the important pressure points across the body. Hence, it is very helpful to get a foam mattress if you are concerned with various aches and pains, can be mild or severe.
Contrary to the spring mattress, the technology used inside is like having billions of small springs supporting your frame and it will help in bounding your natural shape far better.
Consider it like shopping for a suit that’s been created for you instead of shopping ready-made.
Foam mattresses can last for much longer and, therefore, the warranties available are more extensive due to the materials used in making which are way better to of a spring sort.
Especially if you look out for the CertiPUR-US certification, then predominantly, you’ll be doing the atmosphere a favor.


The massive dissatisfaction regarding foam mattresses is that they generate extra heat. However, brands like the DynastyMattress 12-Inch New Cool Breeze GEL are now available in the market which overcomes this drawback, and I have reviewed it.
[warning]Depending on the approach of packaging, some mattress may have a distinctive smell and in some cases mattress takes the time to expand, and you need to wait till then to use.[/warning]
Lastly, YES the foam mattress are bit costly when compared to spring one but eventually they last longer when taken cared properly, and also, they help us to sleep happily without causing any aches.

Cheap Spring Mattresses:

Improve your sleeping experience.Advantages:

Initially, I mentioned that spring mattress is very cheap, than a foam mattress. The main Reason behind it is the pretty basic technology used to construct them.
The spring mattress can be used instantly after buying without any wait because they “spring” to their original right away.
Spring mattresses don’t accept heat to regulate to your body. Hence, you won’t get the matter of being too heat once you sleep. They are well airy.
“Outgas” odor that’s typically substitutable with foam mattresses due to the materials used is ruled-out in spring mattress
If you don’t just like the thought of looking forward to your mattress to adapt to the contours of your body, a spring mattress could be the solution. This can be a separate issue although, and the general public get accustomed to this characteristic of memory foam fairly quickly (Additionally, new foams and layer set-ups are being developed on a daily basis, forming the issue slowly go away).


In spring mattress, the coils inside will push the weight back at the same force at which it is received, and hence, it doesn’t help if you are suffering from various body pains and aches. This gives rise to a different con with this sort of mattress.
In spring mattress, body weight will not be divided evenly and hence, it is not possible for it to support various pressure points of the body that can cause spine or joint issues.

It’s just about not possible to seek out a mattress of this sort with something over a ten-year pledge because of the materials used and in several cases, they’ll begin to sag when a year or 2 attributable to the means they’re designed.
The spring mattress can be used instantly after buying without any wait because they “spring” to their original size right away.

Queen size memory foam mattressAn End Note

The above reasons make the memory foam mattress superior to any other mattress type; The primary reason is that they provide good comfort and ease pain, and then they also have motion isolation to add to its comfort and durability.

Now, the durability of the memory foam mattress is superior, and yes, it is the right thing to choose a cheap memory foam mattress you prefer for your comfort and use it.

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